From LifeOnline to Master your Future!

The LifeOnline Project has entered its second phase of its 3 year development programme and the team has just completed its 4th project meeting held in Helsinki; hosted by Helsinki Business College and Haaga-Helia University of Applied Science. The Finnish partners were joined by the Lead Partner Bridgwater and Taunton College (UK), Politeteknika Txorierri (ES), Cebanc (ES), Srednja Sola Za Gostinstov in Turiziem and the Maribor Tourism Bureau (SL) and EfVET (EUR).

lifeonlineThe meeting followed the testing and piloting of the LifeOnline Learning programme which involved some 30 young people and several LifeOnline tutors from the partner institutions in bi-lateral transnational LifeOnline mobilities, working and training together, delivering the LifeOnline learning materials – both online and using blended learning pathways.  The purpose, beyond training the young people in the development of skills and competences for life and work, was to fully evaluate the structure, content (learning materials and resources), and assessment methodologies associated with the learning programme to identify what works; what could be improved and how the project can adapt and improve the final programme to be launched in December 2017 in its final form.  The experience of the learners; the teachers; the employers/businesses involved in supporting the pilot mobility are currently being collated into a comprehensive evaluation report, following which the team will be adapting the course and in addition developing new learning resources, video and case studies to support the programme.

Learners were clearly inspired by their experience and using the LifeOnline materials judging by their comments so far:

“I gained a lot from the Communication module and found new confidence.”

“It was a good introduction to the module, easy to understand and it got me thinking about careers and life skills”.

The LifeOnline project aims to develop a new online learning programme to support the delivery of Life Skills including employability and entrepreneurship. The Course has been badged under the banner of ‘Master Your Future’ and is built around 5 modules:

  • Kick Start your Global Journey
  • Communicate Like a ‘Pro’
  • Manage your Career
  • Master the art of Teamwork
  • Think like an Entrepreneur

The course content is supported by a comprehensive course manual, aims/objectives, skills, competences and learning outcomes along with a teachers and user guides supporting the delivery of LifeOnline in to the future.

Plans are afoot to recruit over 60 new learners following the LifeOnline training programme during the project timeframe and ultimately to roll out the programme to support teachers to deliver the programme within the European VET sector. The programme will be in all partner languages: English, Slovenian; Spanish; Finnish and Basque.

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