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The OECD Higher Education Stakeholder Forum is a vital part of the OECD’s work on higher education.
A range of stakeholders from higher education institutions; their representative bodies such as national rectors’ conferences and other peak bodies; regional and international networks and groupings of higher education institutions; students groups; employer groups; trade unions; foundations; think tanks and research centres; and representatives of academics and other staff, have been invited to join us in Paris this year.
The Forum provides an opportunity to gain valuable feedback on the OECD’s Enhancing Higher Education System Performance project and its associated strands of work from this broad range of stakeholders. This feedback enrichs the work’s quality and relevance.
The Forum also helps ensure that the OECD remains in touch with developments and emerging challenges in the higher education sector by hearing directly from stakeholders.
Participants will be asked to work together to provide input and feedback on the OECD’s work on higher education and exchange views on current and emerging developments in the sector.