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1407, 2017

Kainuu Vocational College won the Productive Idea award

Kainuu Vocational College has been developed YritysAmis (a pedagogical method to [...]

707, 2017

JOPAPP working on the app

JOPAPP (Job placement app), project is coming to the end, in order to reviewed p [...]

707, 2017

E-MOTIVE meeting in Bilbao

The final meeting of the E-MOTIVE team met in Bilbao in July 3rd and 4th. HETEL, [...]

607, 2017

MODERN project final meeting & webinar

The final meeting of the MODERN project was organised in Lisburn, UK on 5th and [...]

607, 2017

TEI of Western Greece joins Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

TEI of Western Greece becomes an official member of the Digital Skills and Jobs [...]

607, 2017

MateraHub working on entrepreneurship

EcosystemApp project by MateraHub  MateraHub (Italy) ECO-SystemApp is a multi-se [...]

607, 2017

ET 2020 WG meeting in Brussels

The 5th meeting of the ET2020 Working Group on VET (ET2020 VET WG), took place o [...]

2906, 2017

Estonian Presidency: Skills & Education

Estonia will held for the first time the EU Presidency as from the 1st of July. [...]

2106, 2017

EU Skills Profile tool for 3rd Country nationals

The European Commission presented the new EU Skills Profile tool for third Count [...]

2106, 2017

#EfVET17 Open for Registrations!

As previously announced #EfVET17 Annual Conference will take place from the 25th [...]

2006, 2017

ECVET Network meeting in Brussels 2017

The ECVET network meeting took place from 14 to 15 June 2017 in Brussels. Alfred [...]

1606, 2017

Internationalization of human capital

Our work in the International Mobility for Learning can’t forget the local dimen [...]

1606, 2017

İSMEK Çolpan İlhan Fashion School

The Fashion Show themed “LOOP” organized within the scope of İSMEK 21th General [...]

1606, 2017

EUmob project team held their final conference

The last 7th May EUmob project team held their final conference at La Encartada [...]

1606, 2017

Lithuanian students learning about Southern cuisine

Lithuanian students improved their skills in Italy & Malta Marijampole (Lith [...]

1506, 2017

ISMEK School of Culinary Arts

İSMEK has begun for the "ISMEK School of Culinary Arts" which has its sights set [...]

1506, 2017

COMEET+ Communities as Inqubator of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

‘The evidence indicates that there is clearly some correlation between the provi [...]

1406, 2017

MODERN Multiplier event in Brussels

MODERN Learning Resources & Toolkit Multiplier event took place in Brussels [...]

806, 2017

Likehome 2nd partner meeting

Likehome 2nd partners meeting took place in Athens LikeHome Erasmus Plus funded [...]

606, 2017

EBBD is here to come and stay!

Final meeting of project group EBBD+ in Helsinki major success The Erasmus+ KA2 [...]

606, 2017

LLLP Annual Conference: Luis Costa reelected

The Lifelong Learning Platform held its Annual Conference “Education in a digita [...]

3105, 2017

EfVET attends to the EAfA in Malta

EfVET celebrates the 4th Anniversary of European Alliance for Apprenticeships in [...]

2905, 2017

Promote WBL partnership meeting in Matera, Italy

Promote WBL partnership meeting in  Matera, Italy The Promote WBL partnership ar [...]

2205, 2017

EfVET coordinates a CEDEFOP working group

EfVET coordinates a working group in CEDEFOP’s initiative on promoting quality i [...]