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Following the discussions at last years EfVET Conference in Budapest on Learner Feedback , John Berkeley (our keynote contributor at the event) has been working with EfVET colleagues to prepare a study to identify differing models of learner feedback across Europe.   It is hoped that this may lead to further initiatives on a European level to progress the implementation of learner feedback in an effective manner.

With many national education and training systems under review, there has never been a greater need for effective and systematic learner feedback. Not only can it play a vital role in demonstrating that programmes are ‘fit for purpose’ but also ensure that developments in policy and practice take full account of the views of the individual. Only they can say whether a course or training programme is fulfilling their needs; only they can tell us how they feel about our efforts to help them learn and if our policies and procedures are working as they should.

Having an effective system of learner feedback and, even more important, acting decisively on the results, is the sign of a genuinely learner-centred approach to vocational education and training.

However, little is known at present about the use of learner feedback in different countries or the potential benefits of sharing good practice. This EfVET survey will provide the first international perspective on how VET providers obtain the views of their learners and how this evidence is used to improve the quality of learners’ experiences.

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We hope that all EfVET members will wish to participate and look forward to presenting the results and recommendations for further action at this year’s Annual Conference.

Please print, complete and return your questionnaire to:
EfVET International Learner Feedback Survey,
c/o John Berkeley, Associate Fellow,
Centre for Lifelong Learning,
University of Warwick,