3rd edition of the Social Innovation conference

3rd edition of the Social Innovation conference: Cometa Social Innovation Conference: “Integration School-Job. The School for the XXI Century”

Cometa Formazione (Italy)

CometaSocialInnovationLast May 8th, Cometa Formazione, in partnership with Fondazione Vodafone Italia, has organized the third edition of the Social Innovation conference, with Martin Mulder (University of Wageningen) and Hans van der Loo (EU STEM Coalition) as keynote speakers.

In the daily global challenges of educational and training activities, the importance to help students, mainly young kids, to develop a personal resilience is paramount. New skills for the future jobs are required. This educational paradigm shift implies to change methods, to update competence, to innovate learning processes. Cooperation and co-creation among actors (policy-makers, schools, enterprise, research) become crucial.

The Third Cometa Social Innovation Conference aimed at concretely address the challenges related to this paradigm shift in the vocational education and training sector, including the new model of School-Job integration implemented by Cometa Formazione.

Hans Van Der Loo, expert in STEM approach, introduced the workshop explaining the crucial need of changing our educational systems encouraging a sySTEMic thinking for our Exponential Era. Martin Mulder (University of Wageningen), 2016 award by the European Commission for his research on VET, gave his keynote speech focusing on the importance of new competences for this unknown future: in particular VET organizations need to help kids in developing a new mindset, not only professional skills. Carlo Scatoli (European Commission, DG EMPL) and Sveva Balduini (INAPP Agency – Italy) outlined the role of European and Italian institutions in encouraging excellence and innovation in VET organizations. Stefano Tirati underlined the point of view and some best practices emerging from VET providers and EfVET. Eventually, Giovanni Figini, principal of Cometa Formazione VET school, presented the model of School-Job integration, followed by Mario Calderini (Politecnico di Milano) who has conducted the social impact assessment of the model. A concept note of the conference topic is available here; an extended (Italian) version can be found here.

For more information on the conference and speakers’ presentations, please send an email to paolo.nardi@puntocometa.org


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