Kainuu Vocational College has been developed YritysAmis (a pedagogical method to learn entrepreneurship while studying profession. The YritysAmis operating model has won the Productive Idea 2017 competition grand prize in society organised by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Finland’s best Productive Idea prizes were awarded in the Arena in Pori Finland on Thursday.

Kainuu Vocational College (Finland)

YritysAmis, who won the prize as a productive idea of ​​the lights of Times Square on a wall in New York.

The competition sought nationwide productive use of innovative business ideas already.

Launched in 2015

YritysAmis has renewed its professional entrepreneurial learning and working life form. Studying has moved from classrooms practical work and projects carried out together with companies. Everything is the conclusion of social significance and learning environments has been updated, right down to the physical learning environments. YritysAmiksen a new approach to learning on a broad interest to both home and abroad.

YritysAmiksen Education Director Maarit Tartia-Kallio got the prize for confirmation that the hands of a productive idea, which must continue to develop and spread.

– The jury also emphasized that the distribution channels are in place and we have been able to spread the idea widely YritysAmiksen, Tartia-Kallio explains.


Marko Karvosen believes that the jury’s feedback was very encouraging.

– They called to continue the development work on. According to the judges, when the self has the feeling that the idea is a 70-percent chance of good, it needs to be done.

The competition had three categories: social, corporate and start-up kits. In addition to prevail YritysAmiksen a series of social gains achieved a series of corporate Goodwiller Oulu Oy and Start Up series Nuviz Salo.

In the past, the Productive Idea competition has been awarded, among other things, Ponsse, Genelec, as well as the city of Kajaani Kajaani Good project.

Finnish Junior Chamber of Commerce organized a nationwide Productive Idea competition aims to promote the value of entrepreneurship and to highlight the importance of innovation in the positive development of the economy. The competition was held this year for the fourth consecutive for the tenth time.

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