Apprenticeship Alliance project meeting took place in Barcelona. The project aims to help more Small and Medium Enterprises to start to employ apprentices. Therefore, we will do this in 2 ways, firstly by informing and teaching Business support providers such as Chamber s of Commerce and Enterprise Centres and the secondly by supporting and informing SMEs themselves on the benefits of employing an Apprentice. The tools will build the capacity of intermediary organisation to impart the information, guidance and training to SMEs in blended learning format, as well as for direct online use by SMEs.

During the meeting each partner gave a short overviews of WPs. EfVET gave an overview of dissemination activity and outstanding issues. As well all partners discussed about draft of the toolkit and how to assist in the further development of toolkit and regional alliances going forward, particularly after this project meeting. The toolkit has as goal to set up an Apprenticeship Alliance self-assessment tool for anyone interested in apprenticeships. Lately, an online course on employing apprentices will follow.

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