On the 11th of September, the EuroSTEAM consortium made their way from the different regions on Europe to gather in the fantastic city of Antwerp for the third EuroSTEAM meeting. Thomas More was the venue in which we held the meeting and provided great facilities for partners to discuss the progress of the project and share ideas on the developments that will be taking place in the future.


During our first day of meetings, partners each lead an overview of how each work package was progressing and what achievements have been made in the 6 months that have passed since our previous gathering in Rome. Throughout the day it was highlighted that the project was well on course and that developments have been made throughout all work packages. During this meeting, Stefan Haesen lead an interesting workshop which allowed partners to discuss how they interpreted STEAM education and the various ways in which we can envisage the “A” in STEAM to be used during STEAM camps. We also had an interesting discussion in how involved teachers should be during STEAM modules.

On the second day of the meeting, we visited one of the Heilig Graf campuses in Turnhout to trial 2 of the STEAM modules which have been prepared by the staff of Explora. Paolo from Explora delivered the modules with a great passion and excitement and we had members of Heilig Graf staff on hand to help out and make slight translations. The trial of the camps allowed us to gain a great insight into how the camps would be received by the students and allowed us to gain valuable feedback so that the camps can be improved in the future to allow for maximum impact for the students.

Trail of STEAM camps

During our recent meeting we had the opportunity to trial several modules of our EuroSTEAM camps to young students at Heilig Graf school in Turnhout. This was a successful trial which identifies areas where we can adjust the camps in order to achieve the maximum impact possible. Beginning in December, partners of the EuroSTEAM consortium will begin to test the camps throughout their regions to gain more in depth evaluations. Keep visiting our blog to see how the trials are progressing.

EuroSTEAM Online Toolkit Development

The upcoming months, South West College will begin development on the EuroSTEAM online toolkit. This online toolkit is the third intellectual output for the project and will be a web based tool which will be used to share all STEAM resources to students throughout Europe.

Currently the online toolkit is in planning stage and will have a written plan and design complete before the end of the year.

If you have any requests for the online toolkit or would like to suggest some features which you think would make it more beneficial to teachers, please email: dominic.mcgeown@swc.ac.uk