On February 20th 2018, Cometa Formazione and Cometa Research organized the Conference “The Cometa Educational Approach”. It has been the official presentation of the Report promoted by Fondazione Agnelli (Italian Research Centre for quality in Education) and realized by Gaia Banzi and Susanna Mantovani (Università Milano-Bicocca) on the analysis of the Cometa educational approach and its transferability at national and international level. The “reality-based learning approach” and the tutoring activities have been the main focus of the report.

Punto Cometa (Italy)

Da sinistra Simona Malpezzi deputata, Shyamal Majumdar Unesco, Gaia Banzi Bicocca, Erasmo Figini, Valentina Aprea regione Lombardia, Andrea Gavosto fondazione Agnelli, Susanna Mantovani Bicocca, Paola Macchi regione Lombardia, Mariavittoria Garlappi ETF Foundation e Alessandro Mele di Cometa

The two international speakers, Shyamal Majumdar (Director of UNESCO-UNEVOC) and Mariavittoria Garlappi (as delegate for the Director of ETF Foundation, Cesare Onestini), outlined the current challenges faced by educational and VET organizations. According to Mr. Majumdar, no excellence is possible in VET without social inclusion: this is, also for the other speakers, the main original element of the success of the Cometa approach in training young people, including dropouts, early school leavers, students with disability and migrants.

More in details, Dr. Gaia Banzi, in the conclusions, underlined how “Cometa Formazione-Oliver Twist school represents an original experience which has expanded over time, thus receiving consensus and appreciation (for ex. by the European Training Foundation) and can now proudly stand out, in an educational landscape that is not always that exciting like the Italian one, thanks to the positive mood created by a passionate teaching staff and the educational/instructional care dedicated to every single student. What most strikes the observer is the ability to put together educational skills and managerial skills, which is also reflected in the management of time and resources […] In spite of a vague and rampant goal to train students how to think critically, it looks like “these kids” are assisted in expressing what they know and can do well, that is the undisputed foundation for future self-esteem and proactive behavior and, hopefully, for future citizens who are careful of and taking active part in the common good”.

The complete version (ITA and ENG) of the report can be downloaded here. For more information on Cometa activities and its reality-based learning approach, other articles are available on www.cometaresearch.org or feel free to email us (paolo.nardi@puntocometa.org).