The 4th meeting of the European Migration Forum took place in Brussels from the 6th to the 7th March, 2018.

IIS Brunelleschi da Vinci (Italy)

Ms. Patrizia Carfagna, Manager IIS Brunelleschi da Vinci @ EESC

It was the occasion to face the problem and share experiences made on a very important issue, such as“Towards a more inclusive labour market for migrants: seizing the potential by addressing the challenges”. This the subtitle of the initiative that highlighted the importance of work as a key step in the overall integration process.

All the different aspects of this theme were discussed, touching the interest of the different stakeholders, in several workshops, such as: integration in the labour market through a stronger cooperation, capitalising on the skills of migrants,  validating  and  developing the skills of migrants and matching refugees skills with labour market needs, promote regular employment and decent work, preventing exploitation and  promoting entrepreneurship amongst migrants and supporting social economy.

The forum has gathered more than 120 civil society organizations, representatives from the private sector, European Institutions and representatives from local, regional, and National authorities. Moreover, overseas participants from Canada and USA took part to the forum too.

Thanks to the information disseminated by EFVET, the manager of the Brunelleschi da Vinci Institute, Ms Patrizia Carfagna (Manager IIS Brunelleschi da Vinci and EfVET Member) could participate ,introducing some significant projects dedicated to migrants carried out working in network with various stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Interior, the Lazio Region and Associations from the third sector.

At present they are dealing in particular with Italian language courses, Italian citizenship and legislation courses offered to more than 150 foreigners.The forum was interesting also because of the participatory method that encouraged every participant to give a personal contribute thought strategic conversations and open discussions in order to find the best way to achieve a common purpose.Moreover, a very useful panel for suggestions for future projects was dedicated to EU funding for integration.

For more information can be downloaded here.