The Basque Country has been selected as the European reference for Vocational Education and Training

The Vice-Minister of Vocational Education and Training, Jorge Arévalo, along with the Planning and Organization director, Niko Sagarzazu and the Technology and Advanced Learning director, Rikar Lamadrid, accompanied by the Basque Delegate to the EU, Marta Marín, has scheduled several meetings with top-tier European leaders in Brussels. The European Institutions request that these meetings take place, which confirms that the European Commission is interested and is following the Basque Vocational Education and Training model.

Basque contributions to the G7 Summit about future employment

In this regard, after Vice-Minister Arévalo’s appearance, the European Commission’s Cabinet for Employment and Social Affairs stated that the Commissioner Marianne Thyssen will take into account the presentation of content led today by the Basque Country in order to shape the European vision about the upcoming G7 Summit with regards to the development of the new professional competences required by the fourth industrial revolution and the new emerging types of work – that will also keep arising  in the future – based on this huge change. Indeed, the future employment is precisely one of the 5 priorities of the current G7 Canadian presidency, and one of the key themes which will be discussed in the next Summit, held in Canada on the 8th and 9th June, where the Commissioner Marianne Thyssen will discuss the European proposal.

The fact that the Commission is interested in the Basque Country has its logic. The Basque Vocational Education and Training has approximately 5700 students who are studying at Courses of High Performance (through the ETHAZI methodology); one that gives the students the necessary skills to acquire new competences required by the above-mentioned future challenges. With the support offered by the Delegation of the Basque Country to the EU, the Basque Government has forged a strong cooperation during the last years with the European Institutions, leading to the Basque Country being considered the European reference in Vocational Education and Training, as well as meeting the future needs of the European labour market.

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