Intercultural mediation is an essential skill for each employer managing an international and intercultural workforce. The large influx of migrants in Europe needs to be effectively integrated and one aspect of integration is employment.

Materahub (Italy)

Research has shown that employees in a positive work environment are more effective in their work and perform better (Jeffrey Fermin, Therefore, successful mediation within an intercultural workforce context could improve the company’s productivity.

However, conflict at work is highly present and the amount of managers with good intercultural mediation skills is low. The more efficient an employer is to integrate a migrant in the workplace, the more successfully a migrant integrates into society and can thus contribute to the economy.

InterMED is a transnational EU project aiming to:

  • develop and increase mediation skills amongst managers in Europe, in order to apply them in an intercultural workplace context;
  • support managers to maximize the talent of their migrant employees through recruitment, retention and progression strategies;
  • provide an innovative and holistic training based on role play, conflict resolution and self-reflection to improve soft skills;
  • provide a business case for diversity in the workplace in order to encourage more managers to recruit migrants and celebrate diversity

The target of the project are managers of SMEs who are currently managing an intercultural workforce and are about to recruit migrants and want to successfully integrate them in the workplace.

The partnership is composed by:

  • Obelisk (coordinator – Belgium)
  • Materahub (Italy)
  • Inova (UK)
  • CTCP (Portugal)
  • Globalnet (Poland)