One of the most difficult aspects when you manage mobility projects is to be sure of what results it will bring for your students. What they will learn? What competences will be developed? In which extent? How will their competences be assessed? And recognised?

Hetel (Spain)

With the EURspace project we aim to contribute to make the whole process of mobility management easier, from the first steps of making a learning agreement based on learning outcomes to the recognition of the knowledge, skills and competences acquired by the student/learner sent abroad.

Accessing the EURspace European Digital Platform you will find different tools that will make your life easier when managing mobility projects and, above all, will facilitate you a process to ensure high quality implementation and results from your mobility projects, which will benefit your own organization but also the students and companies you involve.

The resources you will find there are:

  • Information about the European Qualification Framework (EQF), its correspondence to several National Qualification Frameworks (NQF) and the implementation of the EQAVET system and tools in different countries (Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, France, Romania and Lithuania). You will also find the VET training courses available in these countries and their respective career opportunities.
  • A pilot project of a matching matrix of learning outcomes, where the above mentioned countries have identified the common learning outcomes in the courses of bakery and cookery (EQF level 3-4).
  • EURspace toolkit, which is a battery of instruments to facilitate and improve the quality of your mobility project. For example:
    • Framework for grouping common Learning Outcomes in Nuclear Units
    • Framework for the attribution of Credits to learning outcomes
    • Framework for the Transfer and Accumulation of Credits
    • Framework for attribution of ECVET Points
    • A Methodological Guide for Professionals, which is a descriptive guide of the methodology developed and tested during the implementation of the Pilot Project (how to do your own matching matrix!)
    • And many others!
  • If you have an approved mobility project, you will also be able to register your project in the platform and create your own matching matrix using the same methodology we used in our pilot project (contained in the EURspace toolkit). The Matching Matrices will have an interactive character and can be consulted and used by other partnerships / organizations of VET; can also be consulted by participants in European mobility programs.

If you want to be informed on the availability of the EURspace Digital platform, send us an e-mail and we will keep you updated! It is coming by this summer!