VET_GPS celebrates this month one year since the partnership started to work towards the development of a wide set of tools, guides and materials addressed to trainees, VET managers, VET counsellors and VET trainers/teachers, in order to improve their soft skills, which are essential for their personal development, social participation and workplace success. VET_GPS is a European funded project managed by a consortium of 9 partners coming from different EU countries: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria and Belgium.

The first year of the partnership has focused on developing the “Guide for the integration of the Soft Skills in VET offer” to be available to VET providers and professionals,
supporting them in the integration of strategies and practices in their VET centers, fostering the development of trainees’ soft skills.

Based in the results of the guide, partners started to work on two other products:

1. Toolkit for Professional Guidance and Coaching, that includes a soft skills self-assessment tool, a soft skills development programme and counselling guidelines to support counsellors in the guidance and coaching trainees;

2. Programme for Professional Development of Trainers/Tutors, consisting in a training programme, with theory, exercises and activities to be available to VET professionals (trainers, counsellors and/or tutors) and used in their daily classes.

These products will be tested in VET centres in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Austria during 2019. In case you are interested in taking part of this pilot, please visit the project’s website ( and search for the National contact of your country.