The kick-off meeting of the FIELDS project: answering current challenges impacting European Agriculture.

FIELDS is a 4 years project bringing together 30 partners from 12 different countries with the main purpose of answering current challenges that are impacting European Agriculture through the skills prism. As stated in the project presentation, the OECD analysis of the factors which affect productivity identifies ‘People’ as one of the six factors. It states that: ‘Improving the skills of the workforce, and the ability to harness them via effective leadership are critical to productivity growth. A correlation exists between business performance and levels of skills and education’.

The kick-off meeting of the FIELDS project took place on the 3rd and 4th of February in Turin. It was hosted by the project applicant University of Turin and was a good opportunity for partner organisations to go into the details of each one of the working packages of the project.

The project has eight work packages and has the purpose of providing strategies and training in the fields of innovation in agriculture and forestry, with particular emphasis on sustainability, digitalisation and bio-economy.

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