The next EfVET Annual Conference logo designed by a Finnish student Rafael Saapunki

The 29th edition of EfVET Annual Conference takes place in Kuopio, Finland on 21-24 October 2020. At the beginning of the year, EfVET organised a logo design contest for students, to come up with a logo for the upcoming event. Altogether 31 Finnish students participated the contest and presented their designs for the conference’s theme “Shaping the future: Sustainable and Innovative VET”.

EfVET’s conference team selected a logo by 19 years old Rafael Saapunki as the winner design. During the spring, Saapunki will graduate as a datanome from Axxell school, which offers upper secondary vocational education and training in Raasepori.

Interested in graphic design, web page and logo design, as well as traditional and digital painting, Saapunki has done customization projects and artwork. He comments the choice of EfVET conference team: “In the future I hope to work with creative projects to improve my own skills. I am grateful for EfVET to select my logo design for the upcoming event!”

Artwork by Rafael Saapunki via Instagram @rafufam