The CEL4ITM project partners explore a new way to learn about tourism management

The CEL4ITM project partners are exploring a new way to learn about tourism management, and would love to hear your opinion! The aim is to reach out to a small (and select) group of students and professionals/experts to be the very first to go through our new online courses on Tourism Management. If you are interested, please fill in this short survey with your information.

You can follow the instructions that are explained in this document.

What we are asking to you:
We will give you the opportunity to be one of our first users, so we can improve and finalise thanks to your feedback and opinion. If you agree to participate in this Pilot Testing you will receive a certificate.

We don’t want to ask much of your time, that’s why you can choose how to collaborate with us.
If you are a student:
– You can take one module
– You can take the whole student pathway (6 modules for beginners)
If you are an expert:
– You can take one module
– You can take the whole expert pathway (2 modules for professionals)
– You can take the whole course (8 module)
This decision is completely up to you.
After you finish the module(s), you will be asked to fill an evaluation form.

In order to register and start the online modules, please follow these steps:

● Go to
● Select a module (6 alternatives for beginners, 2 alternatives for professionals).
● Go through the material that includes six themes per module; 2 videos and a further
reading text per theme, and a list of links
● Take the self-assessment test at the end of the module.
● At the beginning of the test, you will be asked to fill in your full name and email address. The name will be transferred to the certificate which will be emailed to you.
● You can take the test again if you want.