An introduction to the FPi [FP INNOVATION] project

An introduction of the FPi [FP INNOVATION] project

Digital Transformation is the industrial revolution of the 21st century. Again, innovation and technological advances are changing our life and our economic model forever. Tackling a transformation of this depth involves a major cultural change. Establish new values, handle other relationship models and acquire new skills and tools. But also understand that we must accept new challenges. It is time to assume a new culture of risk that learns from trial and error, to banish individualistic behaviours and to begin to value the return of collaboration. 

The thesis that serves as the basis for our project FPi consists of preparing students to devise and develop real entrepreneurial projects, either on their own or, above all, on behalf of others. The fundamental axis therefore is entrepreneurship. But taking a fundamental key step so that it reaches the company, and we can be a fundamental piece in the digital transformation of companies and move to thinking digitally. And we think to do it in the 4 tools with which an educational center can act: 

  • New educational resources. Visuals. Digital. Scalable.
  • New methodologies. New ways of learning. Development of soft skills.
  • New forms of evaluation oriented towards evolution.
  • Redesign of spaces, and their influence on the new teaching-learning process.
  • New organisational forms, with new agents and new relationships, that we think with key in the new reality.

We intend to create a precise and concise place on innovation in Spanish VET:

  1. New methodologies: Collaborative learning based on challenges, service learning, personalised learning, agile methodologies: design thinking, lean start-up, scrum and management 2.0., and micro learning.
  2. Evaluation and evolution of transversal competences.
  3. Redesign of spaces: classroom of the future. Maker culture. And innovative spaces. Tknika model. Low cost. 
  4. New resources: visual potatoes, graphic organisers and video.
  5. New organisation: work through coworking, use of mentoring, specialised training, greater connection with companies and creation of a pool of “junior mentor students”
  6. Training. Master Class in sales, negotiation, low cost marketing, digital marketing, financial for non-financial, technological tools for entrepreneurs, among others
  7. Coordination.
  8. Dissemination. A website, blog, social networks with profiles in social networks will be enabled. In addition, informative newsletters will be made to the interest groups detected by the differentcenters, focusing on the institutions and associations that promote entrepreneurship and the creation of companies.

And what results do we expect? 

  • For the students:
    • Configurable classrooms for the development of your real projects. 
    • Coworking area, with which to interact with businessmen and entrepreneurs. 
    • Mentoring service, for the guidance and development of your projects. 
    • Specialised entrepreneurship training service.
    • Updated resources based on training pills: video. In addition, visual maps that synthesise the matter will be used, and graphic organisers for the development of the activities. 
  • For teachers:
    • Specialised training in active methodologies: collaborative learning based on challenges, and agile methodologies (Design Thinking, Lean Start-up, Agile and Management 3.0, among others). 
    • Didactic and methodological resources and redesign of video spaces, based on the experience of the centers that have applied the innovation project.
    • Transfer of results to other teachings of the center. 
    • Possibility of assigning spaces for other teachings. 
  • For companies and entrepreneurs:
    • Configurable classroom for the development of your real projects (telephone, wifi, printer, 3D printer, recording studio, etc).
    • Coworking area, with which to interact with businessmen and entrepreneurs.
    • Mentoring service, for the guidance and development of your projects.
    • Financing service from our mentors.
    • Translation service, to facilitate the possibility of internationalization of the business / project.
    • Specialised training service in entrepreneurship, or a consulting service with a teacher.
    • Financial aid service, mainly for an extension of the reduction in Social Security payments, after an agreement with the local council.
    • Master Class on business topics: sales, marketing, negotiation, strategy, etc… 

Taking advantage of the completion of the project, we want to create a unique space, our own, on innovation in VET, in order to implement a culture of innovation in VET educational centers, since we consider that as such, innovation should not be optional; innovation is a compulsory subject throughout the national scene, and more so in Vocational Training. We aspire to lead a web platform with innovation in the lines of the project, teaching resources, methodology and spaces, in each and every one of the families that make up the Spanish Vocational Training system. The idea is that innovation is not punctual, but one more task of the teacher’s work.


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