DESSA project: Try our self-assessment tool and evaluate your soft skills!

DESSA (Development of Soft Skills through Apprenticeships) aims to develop an Apprenticeship Scheme for the acquisition of soft skills by students in upper secondary and higher vocational education and training with the help of a natural mentor. 

From October 2019 onwards the partnership has been working to strengthen the soft skills of the students with assignments based on real work situations. The coordinator of the project is Friesland College from The Netherlands, working together with three VET centres (Politeknika Txorierri-Spain; IIEK Delta-Greece; Kaunas Construction and Services Training Centre-Lithuania), one university (University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz-Poland) and a training consulting company (IDEC-Greece).

During this year and a half, the project has created an Apprenticeship Scheme for the acquisition of soft skills and has developed a Trainers’ Guide: a guide for trainers in VET organisations and companies, to support the design, implementation, management, evaluation and validation of the Apprenticeship Scheme. The guide also includes a specific chapter on how to implement gamification techniques during this learning process.

The project also introduces the topic of the natural mentor as a contribution from the coordinating organisation (Friesland College) and new to the rest of the partners. Through natural mentoring, the aim is to make a more comfortable environment for the apprentice who can choose a role model or a person to learn from and with who they can reflect their performance during the apprenticeship period.

Last but not least, the project has also developed an online self-assessment tool in which users can self-assess their performance in 12 different soft skills. After completing the questionnaire, and based on the punctuation, the user will receive some tips for improvement, so that the apprentice can try them out during the apprenticeship period. Take the test on the following link: (

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We are looking forward to seeing you develop your soft skills!