VET in 3D partners successfully run Training Seminar in Portugal

The VET IN 3D partnership successfully run Training Seminar in Lisbon, Portugal  

The VET in 3D project stems from the Thematic Teams promoted by EfVET, an initiative established in 2018 that has brought together VET organisations to add knowledge in specific fields and foster innovation among VET providers. Its objectives are the promotion of innovation in VET, the improvement of the competences of VET teachers in methodological issues and the promotion of the internationalisation of all VET providers. 

VET in 3D involves 9 organisations from 8 different countries: EfVET – European Forum for Vocational Education and Training (Belgium), Kaunas Vocational Training Centre (project coordinator, Lithuania), Cometa Formazione (Italy), UNISER Soc. Coop. Onlus (Italy), ENSINUS – Technical and Professional Studies – INETE (Portugal), MDOE – Association for Hungarian Digital Education (Hungary), (Greece), SEPR – Société d’Enseignement Professionnel du Rhone (France) and Centro San Viator (Spain). 

The project works on three dimensions, labelled as drivers of excellence in VET: Social Inclusion, Entrepreneurship and Technology-Enhanced Learning. 

“By going deeper into these three dimensions, we seek to generate thematic seminars and disseminate good practices, not only among the project partners, but also with other institutions related to VET”, emphasised Alfredo Garmendia, who is in charge of the project at the Centro San Viatora centre associated to the Association of Vocational Training Centres FPEmpresa and one of the nine organisations that are part of the European project VET in 3D. “From our centre we lead the Social Inclusion dimension, although we work and promote the different and inevitable synergies that occur between all of them”, he added. 

The first of the thematic seminars took place in Portugal from 28 to 30 September 2021hosted by INETE, and the next one, if all goes according to plan, will be organised in Lyon, in May 2022. 

“In this first seminar, in addition to the three dimensions, the focus was on the implementation of good practices in a specific sector: tourism,” said EfVET Project Coordinator Vittoria Valentina Di Gennaro. “Given the importance of tourism for the European economy and the need for its revival after the outbreak of COVID-19, we wanted to raise awareness on how these three dimensions of excellence can be applied in this sector and also improve the quality of VET,” she stressed.

One of the focus was Social Inclusion, and in this regard Paolo Nardi – International Affairs Officer and Responsible for Research at Cometa, also presented GIVE project and Vittoria from EfVET had the opportunity to disseminate other projects on the theme in addition to GIVE, namely PR.E.S.T.O. – Promoting pEople with disability Transnational mObility, and D-Care, Dementia: Respect and Respite. 

“The reason to present GIVE during this event is clearly related to the opportunity to share the several opportunities of collaboration between the GIVE consortium and the group of best practices showcased during the seminar”, Paolo Nardi says. In particular, Paolo and Alfredo, involved in the GIVE project, do believe that GIVE can provide the members of the thematic team on Inclusion with important contents and networking, as well as their experience can definitely inspire and support the goal of the GIVE project: to consolidate a model of Inclusive Excellence in the VET ecosystem. 

Many were the best practices presented by the partners and also other organisations: Bernardo Caeiro Pires from JA Portugal, Miki Nozawa – UNEVOC, presenting UNEVOC guidelines for entrepreneurial learning; Mariavittoria Garlappi explained the role played by ETF in promoting entrepreneurial VET; Maria Gómez Ortueta – SEPIE (Servicio Español para la Internacionalización de la Educación) introduced the Importance of international collaboration; Mauro Figueiredo from the University of Algarve, presented the Milage App, useful for breaking barriers in learning Math; Jozefina Maróti from Maróti Könyvkereskedés Kft., who explained the technical teacher training in the automotive sector. 

VET IN 3D partners also gave the opportunity to go on study visits on the afternoon sessions where – according to the topic covered – they learnt about the work and values of different entities: 

  • Impact House , a space open to the community in Lisbon where sustainability, circular economy, and partnerships with local nonprofits are at the heart of everything. They offer different services so people can enjoy different experiences while contributing to a positive impact on the community and the environment.  
  • The Humanidade Association is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity based on community needs and today it is an organisation whose primary objective is to intervene in the social sector, with a view to personally, socially and professionally promoting disadvantaged citizens in situations of risk and supporting their inclusion. It is based on the values of responsibility and ethical solidarity. 
  •  ErgoUX – FA/Universidade de Lisboa, a section of the university working on projects which contribute to create value in organizations to make people’s daily life more fun, healthy and safe. 

The three-day seminar was a very successful event and we expect that so will be also the one that will be organised in Lyon, hosted by SEPR. 

The project has an estimated duration of 2 years. 

 More information about the project at: 



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