FPEmpresa meets with its European partners at EfVET Berlin 2021

FPEmpresa meets with its European partners at EfVET Berlin 2021

EfVET Berlin 2021, organised by EfVET as a part of its annual conference, has proven to be an excellent meeting point for many VET providers in Europe. Through different workshops and informative sessions, EfVET members have had the opportunity to share interesting and insightful ideas to contribute to the development and further improvement of Vocational Education and Training.

On November 26, the event “Shaping the Future: Sustainable and Innovative VET event” was held in Berlin. It was organised by EfVET (European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training) and I had the opportunity to attend on behalf of the FPEmpresa VET Schools Association, which is an EfVET member.

For me, having been able to meet with other European partners and discuss highly relevant issues in the field of VET was a very satisfactory and productive experience. This has been the first face-to-face meeting since the Azores conference, which was held two years ago. On this occasion, there were more than 70 institutions represented, from more than 20 different countries.

In previous years, this event was held as part of the annual EfVET conference, but, due to the current health situation, it was decided that this year the conference would be divided into two different sessions. First, on October 28, the institutional conference was held online. On that day, the objectives and activities of EfVET to face the future of Vocational Education and Training in Europe in a sustainable and innovative way were discussed.

Later on, on November 26, different workshops and networking seminars among EfVET associated institutions were held in Berlin. The session was opened with a virtual opening speech by President James Calleja and, subsequently, workshops with the results of the working groups were held. There was a total of 5 workshops, of which I would highlight the following:

– WS1 VET 4.0 – Four scenarios of the future. This workshop dealt with the current situation of the different types of VET providers (educational centres, training for employment, training offered within each company, distance training and private certifications) and what their role will be in the future. There is a great ongoing transformation and each of these actors has to position clearly in order to offer an added value that does not compete against one another.

– WS2 Inclusive Excellence. The conclusion of this workshop was clear: Vocational Education and Training has to address the existing diversity of students. Heterogeneity is influenced by the environment and by the students’ own characteristics.

– WS3 Sustainable Education and Approaches in the future. Vocational Training faces the challenge of offering a sustainable education. To do this, VET will need to adapt to an ever-changing situation and lead the way when it comes to innovation.

– WS4 SELFIE and Technology Enhanced Learning. The European Commission has made the free SELFIE tool available to schools. This tool allows centres to improve the use of technology in their facilities. A very useful tool that helps schools to know how to make the most of digital technologies to create enriching teaching and learning experiences.

– WS5 Tourism education in the future. Tourism is one of the sectors that has been strongly affected by the pandemic and new technologies are radically transforming this market. VET has to be kept up-to-date to solve the difficult situation that this sector will face once the current health crisis is over.

During the afternoon, interesting seminars were held to establish contact with other partners and consider cooperation possibilities for the creation of Erasmus+ KA1, KA2, KA3 projects, as well as other projects within the field of Vocational Education and Training.

In parallel to the networking seminars, the session “Educational Management, Pedagogical Change Framework” took place, in which it was analysed how to manage the methodological change that is happening in VET.

In short, it was a day full of knowledge and good practices, of contacts with great potential and of valuable training resources. All with a single purpose: to continue working for a high-quality and innovative VET that adjusts smoothly to the needs of today’s society.




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