VET 4.0 workshop in Berlin on 26.11.2021. Why VET 4.0? 

VET 4.0 workshop in Berlin on 26.11.2021. Why VET 4.0? 

In a world of accelerating change, continuous learning is the most important long-term investment we can do together. It’s time to reset the old approach and rethink the way we view vocational education and training, and how it’s delivered. The more flexible the training solutions we can develop, and the more systematically we anticipate the future of work at different levels, the better we can respond to the ever-changing needs of skills and competence in the world of work. 

VET 4.0 thematic team’s group of experts has carried out systematic foresight work on the possible futures of VET and compiled four different scenario narratives. These scenarios are named Local College, Extended College, Company College and Global College. These scenarios are situated to four field matrix which two axels are ”Public funding vs. Private funding” and ”Qualifications vs. Micro credentials”. Different phenomena and change drivers have been studied and evaluated in five different domains. Those domains were Learning, Organisation, Global, Industry and Social.  

During the day two workshops with the same content were held. Mr Kari Puumalainen, Principal of YSAO, started the workshops by presenting the results of the scenario work and the forthcoming scenario report. Of the phenomena presented in the report, he highlighted e.g. IA – Intelligence Amplification. IA is about making humans more capable in anything they want to do by enhancing human capabilities and decision-making with intelligent technologies.  

After the presentation, the possible realization of different scenarios and their impact on the evaluation using the Learning Cafe method. Summarizing the comments of the different groups, it can be stated that the possible future was seen as a combination of different scenarios. At the same time, it was stated that the future scenario report can and should be used as an tool in the future strategy work of training organizations.



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