SELFIE and Technology Enhanced Learning workshop

SELFIE and Technology Enhanced Learning workshop

The workshop focused on the use of the online self-reflection tool SELFIE WBL, developed by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture as an upgrade of the SELFIE tool used to assess school’s digital readiness and preparedness by looking at different dimensions.

SELFIE was launched in 2018, based on the European Digital Competence Framework for Organizations (DigCompOrg) as part of the 2018 Digital education Action Plan. Initially for primary and secondary schools to develop their digital strategy, alongside school communities – school leaders, teachers, and students. After almost 3 years, it has gathered 1.7 million users from 82 countries.

SELFIE WBL was adapted to the work-based learning context adding to the three existing target groups (leaders, teachers, and students) the fourth perspective to institutional digital readiness, that of in-company trainers bringing VET schools and companies to closer cooperate also on the issue of digital transition.

In mid-2020 EfVET led a pilot of the SELFIE WBL tool in France, Germany, Hungary, and Poland. The feedback was analysed and recommendations with improvements were proposed to JRC. In those four countries the pilot engaged: 

– 59 pilot VET schools
– 97 companies
– 177 school leaders
– 1.221 teachers
– 10.294 VET students
– 96 in-company trainers
– 43 SELFIE WBL institutional coordinators
– 101 focus groups with VET learners and teachers
– 94 semi-structured interviews with leaders, in-company trainers, and SELFIE WBL institutional coordinators.

SELFIE WBL supports schools and companies in a bottom-up approach to improve their use of digital technologies in their training and apprenticeship programmes and become fit for the digital age, which is one of the key policy priorities of the European Commission. SELFIE WBL was officially launched during the second edition of the SELFIE Forum, which took place on 7th and 8th October 2021, as part of the new Digital Education Action Plan.

The tool offers the possibility of tailored made questionnaires which offers each school the possibility to adapt it to its own needs and follow the progress in different eight areas (presented in the picture below) per target group through time as the exercise can be repeated and trends are presented in the follow up reports.

VET schools struggled in understanding data, their weaknesses and strengths, translating data into actions, provide practical and concrete evidence, adapt to the challenges of teaching and learning during pandemic, setting up a digital strategy and taking further steps to digital empowerment.

The pilot partners decided to submit an Erasmus+ KA2 project to support the VET institutions in their further effort to fully understand the results received through the SELFIE WBL institutional report, use these results to effectively address the actions for digital transformation, strengthen the ecosystem and cooperation with companies and other stakeholders and prepare guidelines with recommendations and good practices for all other users of the SELFIE WBL tool to make the use of their report user-friendlier.

In order to build on existing experience, we discussed during the workshop possible experience and good practices of participants in order to feed those into the follow-up project. For this reason, we are looking forward to you sharing with us contributions on the following topics:

– Own institutional digital strategy
– Own digital action plan
– Your approach to assess digital readiness
– Implemented CDP solutions
– Good and/or bad practice in implementing digital transition
– Networking practice improving your digital readiness
– Engagement of local and/or regional partners into your discussions on digital readiness

Do not hesitate to contact us and share your feedback to the above points at:

Claire Challande and/or Alicia Leonor Sauli Miklavčič



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