Portuguese INSIGNARE’s Schools involved in several projects

Portuguese INSIGNARE’s Schools involved in several projects

INSIGNARE’s Fátima Hospitality Vocational School goes to Romania and welcomes Erasmus+ project “Universal Values of Human Dignity” partners in Portugal

Fátima Hospitality Vocational School participated in two project meetings of Erasmus+ “Universal Values of Human Dignity”, one in Macin, Romania, and the other held in Fátima.

During the first one, from October 11th to 15th, besides the cultural activities, the participants, from Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Turkey, visited temples of different religions and discussed with its clergymen, learning the messages of Inclusion, Tolerance and Respect the major religions have. In internationally mixed groups they have also developed their critical thinking and creative skills, working on posters and presentations concerning topics of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. Lectures with minorities representatives were also highly appreciated.

The following event was held in Portugal, from November 8th to 12th, and focused also on the European Charter of Fundamental Rights, but on a different learning approach: after being assigned with one chapter of the Charter, each international work group designed a script for a short videoclip and two photos, aiming to represent, without any words, three Fundamental Rights included on their Chapter. Then, the groups were asked to stage the scenes and record it with their mobile phones, and finally to edit it with FILMORA., an open software for which they attended a workshop to prepare for that task. Participants also visited several landmarks around Fátima’s region. Ourém’s refugee inclusion plan was also presented, as a best practice, having won both European and Portuguese awards.

For more information please contact project coordinator, Mrs. Anna Pia Perri, on annap.perri@gmail.com.

INSIGNARE’s Ourém Vocational School travelled to Lithuania for Erasmus+ “APPLE – Active Performant Personalized Lifelong Education” third meeting

From November 18th to 22th a group of students went to Alytus, Lithuania, for a week of pedagogic work and cultural experiences, with their partners from Greece, Spain and Turkey. For 5 days, among the activities dedicated to the Digital Society, it is worth highlighting the learning outcomes achieved through the opportunity to test Virtual Reality equipment and understand how they are developed, during a visit to the University of Technology in Kaunas, the second largest city in this country; the 3D printing workshops and, above all, the robotic programming workshop, which involved critical thinking and planning; and the impressive lecture by the head of the Lithuanian Police Cyber Security Unit, which illustrated, in a practical perspective, the main problems that young people currently face when surfing the Internet, their causes and consequences, and how to avoid and solve the resulting problems.

Culturally, students visited the cities of Alytus, Kaunas, Vilnius and Trakkai Castle, located on the island with the same name.

More information can be achieved from the project coordinators, Mrs. Cristina Álvarez Naves (cristinaalvareznaves@outlook.es) and Mr. Alvaro Reyero (alvaroreyero@hotmail.com).

INSIGNARE’s Fátima Hospitality Vocational School and Ourém Vocational School take part in Greek’s and Italian’s meeting of Erasmus+ “Standing Up for Human Rights”

For one week – November 1st to 5th – six students from Fátima Hospitality School gathered in Chania, Greece, with their peers from Italy, Poland and Turkey to discuss and to work in groups, from the teenagers’ view of them, on the topic of Human Rights, deepened in various axes, such as the Fight Against Discrimination; Racism; Xenophobia; LGBT+ Rights; Gender Equality.

On the last day, the students presented their learning outcomes through the representation and dramatization of behaviors that still persist among younger people.

The week also had a study visit day, dedicated to learning about the local history and culture, with a visit to the Museum of Ancient Eleutherna, which contains a large archaeological park represented from ancient Greece to the Byzantine era, as well as Rethymnon, a city built during the Minoan civilization.

The second meeting took place in Morlupo, Italy, in the week of December 13-17, where 6 students and a teacher from the EPO took part in the second meeting of the Erasmus+ partnership “Standing Up For Human Rights”.

These were days of great social, cultural and pedagogical interaction with their international colleagues.

Learning in the fight against gender discrimination stands out, the unifying topic: from the visit to a catacomb, with more than 1500 years, where, thanks to the intervention of a woman of Roman high society, some of the first Christians obtained protection and were buried according to their rites; the viewing of two thematic films and subsequent debate; a lecture by a councilwoman on female participation in local government and how to increase it; the creation, in international groups, of posters focusing on the way young people understand this reality and how they propose to fight it.

Culturally, the visit to a World War II bunker, later converted to a nuclear one, and a swift visit to Rome, where students were able to discover the interior of the Coliseum, as well as some of the main monuments of the Eternal City, were very much appreciated. The next meeting will be in Portugal.

The project coordinator, Ms. Ursula Janczar (ula.janczar@gmail.com) will be more than happy to provide additional information on the results.

INSIGNARE’s Schools and Adult Center have a week of training on STEAM, Hospitality and International Mobilities

Three trainers from INSIGNARE’s Schools and Adult Center will take part in Mobiliteach Sectoral teacher training third edition, in Athens, Greece, from November 15th to 18th. It will be hosted by VET institute D.IEK Aigaleo. Similarly with the previous ones, it will provide an overview on how Hospitality VET institutes can adapt their training programmes to meet the future market and society needs. A wide range of activities will allow participants to deep dive on the challenges and opportunities within this sector. Briefly, working sessions will include:

  • Exchange of good practices and workshops dedicated on how to integrate STEAM disciplines in the students curricula with specific focus on Tourism, Hotels management and food processing, among others.
  • Laboratories on practical application of Industry 4.0 in Hospitality;
  • Laboratories and how to use STEAM in food processing for people with special needs;
  • Keynote speech aimed to provide important insights for the future these sectors.

More detailed information about this project can be found at https://mobiliteach.net/rd-2019-mst_athens/




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