Mediterraneo Culinary Centre starts 5 new projects through its International department!


We are very excited with the kick-off of our new cooperation projects. MCC is collaborating internationally in different fields, trying to achieve quality results that will benefit the education community: students, staff, and project managers. These new projects that we are managing will have an impact on Vocational Education and Training and in the field of youth. They are fantastic initiatives that will improve Erasmus management practices and internationalisation processes, new courses for students, sustainability and diversity practices and the inclusion of rural areas.

MOBILITITIMELINE is a 30-month project that aims at creating materials for mobility students and mobility project managers to improve the organisation and administration of Erasmus + mobilities for VET students. We will create a Guide with information about the different steps, a digital timeline summarisNing the process and we will share different education platforms that can be useful to organise the experience.

D-TASTING is a VET project that has the objective of creating a micro-learning course about the technicalities and possibilities of Digital Wine Testing. It is a new market niche that is going to develop in the future. We collaborate with other Culinary Centres, but also with digital providers, Digital Wine Testing companies and a certification foundation that will assure the course’s quality. Check out the official website of the project!

Also in the VET field, we participate in a project called “Sustainability and diversity improvement in cooking and catering”. Thanks to this project, we will be able to identify, monitor and improve our sustainability and diversity practices in our institution. We will use a methodology called AISHE, and several LTTAs will be organised to evaluate practices from different European schools that are also part of the project.

DIGIPATH is a project for teachers and staff that will develop an Open Education Resource (OER) in the form of a blended learning course, incorporating Learning Paths for learners with varied levels of digital readiness and skills. Approaches aimed at advancing digital skills must centre on the more comprehensive concept of Digital Education Readiness, which goes beyond digital skills development to include people’s beliefs and attitudes about their skills and the use of digital tools.

RYMO is a project in the Youth field. Its main objective is to promote international opportunities and Erasmus experiences for youngsters from a disadvantage background, in particular for those that live in rural areas and cannot easily access the same opportunities.

Stay tuned thanks to our social media and website to know more about the projects and the materials we create! They will be available for anyone interested!




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