“Good Food is Good Mood” VET partnership holds its two final LTTAs

INSIGNARE’s EHF-Fátima Hospitality School’s students share their cooking skills in a virtual meeting and in a traditional one in Italy

During the week of February 28 to March 4, 10 EHF Cook students were in virtual contact with their Italian and Macedonian colleagues, both in equal numbers, within the scope of the “Good Food is Good Mood” project, supported by the Erasmus+. From March 27th to April 1st, 10 students were in Perugia, Italy, for a week of gastronomic and cultural activities. 

In the virtual meeting, students shared videos about traditional Portuguese cuisine, with a focus on national pastry and bakery. After watching them, they supported their counterparts in those countries in the preparation of the delicacies, having previously sent the respective recipes. So, in addition to practicing their English, they put themselves in the position of kitchen trainers, which was also a new experience.

There is also a cultural activity, still in online mode – foreign students had an asynchronous session, where they watched videos about Portugal and its tourist regions, answering an evaluative questionnaire, using “Kahoot!”, prepared by our students, considered by those as “very interesting and fun!”.

In Italy, the students shared some of Portuguese, North Macedonian and Italian traditional recipes, but they also learned how to make the different types of typical Umbrian pasta. Students worked also on their cocktails and barista skills . They also visited a chocolate factory, having observed the entire production and packaging process.

Students also spoke in loco with two businessmen, one from the luxury restaurant sector, featured in the Michelin Guide, whose restaurant is located in an old episcopal palace, with a mosaic from Roman times on the ground floor; and another, in the Catering sector, with a fully restored 16th century Villa, used for weddings and official events.




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