The third GIVE project meeting in Bilbao, Spain

The third GIVE project meeting in Bilbao, Spain

Collaboration is paramount to make our experiences converge and to produce outputs which can be valid in different contexts. Inclusion, beside greening and digital, is our common challenge.

Each partner work not only to consolidate its excellent practices, rather to generate together a set of new knowledge, practices, tools for inclusive excellence.

On April 27-28 our third meeting was held in person with all partners in Bilbao, Spain. The agenda was quite tight, and some partners visited the Lantegi Batuak organisation to see directly how they pursue the goal of achieving the maximum development of disabled people.

The GIVE project meeting dedicated two days to discuss good practices and investigate the peculiarities of WP2, WP3, WP4 & WP5, which have been formalised into scientifically sounds and transferable approaches and tools. These outcomes will be shared via training and networks open to VET practitioners, contributing to a real inclusive VET.

The eco-system of the active inclusive pedagogies is fundamental in enabling them for excellence. This is the reason why we brace and soundly advocate for considering together the pedagogies, organisational processes and the governance of the VET providers. The value of multilateralism in case of the governance is central to forging collaborative networks capable to generate personalised, flexible and timely VET offer.

We consider very important to start by designing and promoting within GIVE network a robust Reference Framework for Vocational Excellence through Inclusion (here and after named Reference Framework); the framework will serve for enabling and promoting:

  • innovative and inclusive pedagogies
  • anticipatory, entrepreneurial, and agile governance

GIVE is aiming at consolidating this vision in the European Union, as well as beyond.

The Inclusive Excellence is already becoming a concept shared at institutional level in Europe. The excellence of everyone, tailored to the individual learning potential, valued and valorised, represents an agenda of the related public policies.

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