EfVET Conference_Roundtable “Bridging learning in VET Excellence”

EfVET Conference_Roundtable “Bridging learning in VET Excellence”

Paolo Nardi (Cometa)and Valentina Chanina (EfVET) run three round table sessions, each of 30 minutes, introduction Give project, framework for inclusive vocational excellence and 51 best practices during the EfVET conference in Kuopio (Finland). Over 40 participants drawn from different European countries. EfVET annual conference is the meeting place of theory and practice par excellence. It is a unique opportunity where the world of education and training meets the world of employment. This combination of experiences is giving EfVET’s annual conferences higher visibility among policy makers. The mixture of experiences and contexts which employers require learners to possess when they set foot for the first time in workplaces or change jobs is invaluable.

The Inclusive Excellence is already becoming a concept shared at institutional level in Europe. The excellence of everyone, tailored to the individual learning potential, valued and valorised, represents an agenda of the related public policies.

GIVE roundtable  presentation focused on the possibility of joining VET excellence and inclusiveness as a crucial challenge for the future. The baseline for GIVE activities are the several inclusive VET excellence models that are already being implemented by a number of VET centers in Europe, which are addressing integral human development (that include professional, transversal and coping skills), as a more substantial VET excellence. Thus, GIVE aims to work on the specific capabilities of people and empower them through training, activities and support using management and leadership approaches so they are able to cope with the challenges of the XXI century.

Additionally, it was mentioned that in order to improve in good practices, there is the need to invest in innovation and to have a research and development center. In this way, VET providers would be more developed than the ones who do not invest in innovation and development. Moreover, sharing good practices with other stakeholders could be enriching for everybody because one could learn from other experiences and implement them in their own schools.

The Give roundtables was successful!

website: https://www.thegiveproject.eu/


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