OASIS Mid-Term Meeting in Brussels, Belgium

The OASIS Mid-Term meeting held between November 7th and 8th in Brussels (Belgium) hosted by EfVET.

On the first half day of the meeting, partners started by project overview and then status of the project. Afterwards, the OASIS partners discussed about the work done already to develop the deliverables result, and they also agreed on the next steps, as well as set up some important deadlines for the upcoming the first report.

During the second day, partners discussed about the overall partner activities, task, of project and some administrative aspects. Finally, the dissemination of the OASIS project was evaluated among partners, presented the final promotional materials, and social media. Afterwards the OASIS partners discussed about planning dissemination activities.

The meeting was very successful, and partners were glad about the results, since it was a great opportunity to consolidate the common work done within the OASIS project.