Public Entrepreneurship as a Response to Complex Challenges

Public Entrepreneurship as a Response to Complex Challenges

CSA is proud to present the members of the EfVET network with its latest project in the field of VET. Launched in 2021, public:START is a cooperation partnership financed by the Erasmus+ programme under Key Action 2, bringing together researchers and VET professionals from Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Italy, in order to nurture a new generation of Public Entrepreneurs all over Europe.

START project aims at developing innovative tools and methodologies for VET providers working with the public sector, whose officials are faced with increasingly complex challenges. These new learning tools will help develop an innovative, multidisciplinary and entrepreneurial approach in public organisations, capable of faster and more effective responses to contemporary socio-economic challenges, in the framework of the ESCO skills pillar. As a part of the 35th edition of the annual ErasmusDays, the project consortium has held its first major public event, where a broad spectrum of speakers from public organisations and research institutions provided an enlightening insight into how they are currently dealing with complex challenges in their own domain. Among others, we had the pleasure to host representatives from: the municipality of Dinklage (Germany), Westerkwartier (Netherlands) and Treviso (Italy); Viraschutz, an Italian R&D enterprise; Europe Direct Spain; Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands). The next transnational meeting of the public:START team will be held in Groeningen at the end of January 2023. To keep updated on the latest developments of the project, as well as on the latest activities of CSA Vocational Center.

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