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Why join EFVET?

Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Europe needs a strong organisation to promote and represent its interests. The strength of EFVET lies with its members. Through its members – and their commitment to becoming actively involved in the issues facing TVET (technical and vocational education and training) – the vision for EFVET is that it will become:

Conditions for members of EfVET

Become a Member


Unity in Variety

  • EfVET acts as a network of learning providers across Europe and beyond, with links to Business, Politicians, Government Officials and Researchers with a focus on VET and lifelong learning.
  • EfVET bridges the gap between the theory of learning and everyday practice.
  • EfVET supports the sharing of new ideas and offers motivational support for and from professionals and frontline workers.
  • EfVET brings together different learning approaches such as work-based learning, experimental learning, formal, informal and non-formal learning.
  • EfVET regards cultural differences as an invaluable input for learning, reflection, and adoption of new ideas and practices

Quality and Innovation

We believe that lifelong learning is the main factor in the development of individuals, groups, and society as a whole. To support active lifelong learning, we focus on:

  • Integrating knowledge, practical skills, experience and learning outcomes.
  • Implementing instruments that promote cooperation between educational providers, business enterprises, labour market agencies, local authorities, and social partners.
  • Connecting with complementary broader educational initiatives and services.
  • Promoting and facilitating transnational mobility

Communities of Good Practice

A network influencing policy-makers taking decisions on VET and lifelong learning.
A network for implementing projects partly financed by the EU and the VET providers themselves.
A network for the dissemination of transnational project results and the sharing of good practice.
A network for collecting and sharing knowledge and experience in an effective and efficient way.
A network for organising and facilitating opportunities for student and VET staff mobility.

What are the benefits of membership?

Through EFVET you will have immediate access to colleagues across Europe committed to co-operation with similar interests and concerns and be able to make your views known to the European Commission and others responsible for European TVET (technical and vocational education and training) policy. As well as being part of an important European-wide network the services offered to members include: