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Entrepreneurship competence in vocational education and training

Entrepreneurship competence generally supports a higher rate of start-ups, leads to a better employability and prevents social exclusion. It is not only about starting a business but also about creating value for others, innovation, inclusion and sustainable development; hence a must-have key competence for all.

The workshop ‘Entrepreneurship competence in vocational education and training’ will attract European VET stakeholders to:

  • discuss the research methodology piloted by Cedefop’s research team in two EU countries (Italy and Latvia);
  • share first results on how entrepreneurship competence is embedded in VET, including policy implementation challenges;
  • discuss tools and methods that can help policy makers, social partners and training providers overcome barriers in promoting the financial, cultural, or social value of entrepreneurship competence in VET.

For more information please visit: https://www.cedefop.europa.eu/en/events/entrepreneurship-competence-vocational-education-and-training


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