LifeLong Learning Platform – LLLPlatform

The Lifelong Learning Platform is an umbrella organization that gathers more than 42 from different lifelong learning sectors, coming from all over Europe and beyond. Currently these networks represent more than 50.000 educational institutions and associations covering all sectors of formal, non-formal and informal learning.

LLLPlatform was born in 2005 in Brussels (EfVET was one founding members) as a response from civil society organisations to the definition and implementation of a European policy in the field of education and training in the so-called Open Method of Coordination. The platform has grown, learnt, made more friends, gained more new members and supporters. The LLLPlatform aims to voice citizens concerns about lifelong learning. The idea is that no one should be left out and that bridges are built across sectors to increase access to quality education for all.

EfVET has been an active member of LLLPlatform from the beginning, and Mr. Jon Harding (Bridgwater & Taunton College) and from our Steering Committee was elected as a Vice -President (2020) , which will provide further visibility and civil society standing for the EfVET.

Erasmus+ Coalition joint statement on the proposal for the next EU budget

What’s the Lifelong Learning Platform all about? 

pics-websiteThe Platform aims to voice citizen’s concerns about lifelong learning. The idea is that no one should be left out and that bridges are built across sectors to increase access to quality education for all. The Platform promotes a holistic vision of lifelong learning, “from cradle to grave”. Today the pattern school-work-retirement is no longer the norm, so it is important to make sure we help people in their life transitions. Learning is not limited to formal education: it also integrates non-formal and informal learning.

This vision is meant to ensure equity and social cohesion as well as active citizenship. The Lifelong Learning Platform believes that the objectives of education and training should not only be described in terms of employability or economic growth but also as a framework for personal development.

By bringing together actors from all sectors of education and training, the Lifelong Learning Platform creates a space to exchange innovative practices, Europe-wide. By doing so, it contributes to an increased flexibility between systems, and proposes concrete solutions to make lifelong learning a reality for all.

The Platform also thrives to set up a strengthened dialogue between civil society organisations and public authorities in order to modernise our educational systems as well as to support public sector innovation.

Joint Statement 

EfVET joined the the Erasmus+ Coalition statement on the revised proposal for EU Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 together with LLL-Platform members. The European Commission’s revised proposal for the next long-term EU budget 2021-2027. Next Generation EU is a positive sign for the future of Europe and addressing the social and economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis, as well as the green and digital transitions. Read the full statement here.