Membership Fees and Conditions

The EfVET Executive Management Team meets at least three times per year and the Board of EfVET meets at least two times per year, from January to October, in order to prepare the EfVET Annual Conference and the General Assembly, as well as discuss the new EfVET strategies, including the membership and communication strategies. A quality plan for the upcoming periods and its sustainability beyond 2020 is published annually.

Moreover members of these groups participate in numberless policy making meetings all around Europe, expressing the views of its members. Every year an activity report is published and distributed during the EfVET Annual Conference and via our website at this link.

Colleges < 100 FTE’s

160 Annum
  • member colleges with less than 100 FTE’s
  • member colleges outside the enlarged E.U.
  • individuals

Colleges < 200 FTE’s

300 Annum
  • member colleges with less than 200 FTE’s

Colleges > 200 FTE’s

600 Annum
  • member colleges with more than 200 FTE’s
  • member colleges/associations in pre-accessions/candidate countries


1200 Annum
  • Associations
  • Commercial companies
Members are kindly requested to pay within 30 days after receiving the invoice for the membership fee; the costs of transfer are the responsibility of the applicant.
Membership of EFVET is per calendar year and will be automatically renewed every year unless a written notice is given to the Central Office of EfVET before the 1st of October, therefore giving three months notice.
The reason for this is the fact that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held every year in the last week of October. In this meeting the budget is set for the following year, based on the expected income from membership fees.
Please inform the Central Office about any changes in the information EFVET has got on the database and keep us posted.

Note!: some special arrangements can be in place in some countries with regards to the membership fee, please contact the National Representative of your country, whose name and address is on the website.

Conditions for members of EfVET

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