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312, 2019

VET on the Moon at Job&Orienta Italian job fair

On 29 November, the European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Tra [...]

2811, 2019

From a rookie to an expert – International paths for VET staff

From 20th to 22nd of November the partners of the REX VET project met in Bilbao [...]

2811, 2019

A bridge between Cometa and Belarus based on Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship as a mindset and as part of the learners’ curricula is clearly [...]

2811, 2019

BET4VET Mobility 2019

From 20th to 21st November 2019 an important celebration for European mobility t [...]

2811, 2019

E-commerce for VET students

The PEAL project was born in Spring 2016. It came from an idea, that Tradium Bus [...]

2811, 2019

Realising Integration through Social Enterprise

The Erasmus + funded project "RISE - Realising Integration through Social Enterp [...]

2811, 2019

Collaborative Robots: Incobotics

The INCOBOTICS project has been launched!. The INCOBOTICS: Ready for Industry 5. [...]

2811, 2019

Return on Investment of Work Based Learning and Apprenticeship

The outputs of the ROI project are ready to be used!  ROI project promotes open [...]

2811, 2019

Kick-off meeting of the INTENT project in Cologne (Germany)

The INTENT project is an Erasmus+ funded project coordinated by the Department o [...]

2811, 2019

Cooking with alternative proteins

The goal of the Suscop project is to raise awareness about the impact of our eat [...]

2811, 2019

Improving work safety

WorkSafe project "An online manual that aims to improve work safety for learners [...]

2811, 2019


Two years ago, Esprominho was hosting the first Transnational meeting of the Era [...]

2711, 2019

Dementia: Respect and Respite project

The D-CARE - Dementia: Respect and Respite kick-off meeting took place in Perugi [...]

2711, 2019

Talent of the future trainees’ professional skills development

On Tuesday 26 November, the final conference of the VET_GPS - Guiding tools for [...]

1911, 2019

VET on the moon: Excellence, Inclusion and Internationalisation of VET event

The European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET) an [...]

1911, 2019

Kari Puumalainen re-elected national representative of Finland

On Friday, 11 November 2019, EfVET Finnish national board re-elected, unanimousl [...]

1211, 2019

Joint staff training in Køge Business College

On November 2019, the partners of the "Schools 4.0 - Innovation in Vocational Ed [...]

2210, 2019

Kick-off of EfVET Conference on “Robots, Human Capital and Digital Learning. Managing Transition and Inclusion”

The 28th EfVET Annual Conference on ‘Robots, Human Capital and Digital Learning. [...]

1510, 2019

Kick-off meeting of Fit 4.0 project: new technologies into VET educational system

The Fit 4.0 kick-off meeting took place in Reggio Emilia on the 8th and the 9th [...]

1110, 2019

Contributing to regional development by skills redesign in the automotive sector

Press Release: DRIVES’ Workshop on “Contributing to regional development by skil [...]

710, 2019

Cedefop and OECD symposium: The next steps for apprenticeship

The external factors that had an impact on apprenticeship and the relevant desig [...]

2609, 2019

Tracking system for graduates of VET

On Track is a new Erasmus+ funded project which aims to develop a tracking syste [...]

2609, 2019

Education for young entrepreneurs

Education to young entrepreneurship is an important issue all over Europe and al [...]

2609, 2019

First round of the Pacetraining SN course

The first round of the Pacetraining SN course has been completed in Italy, Spain [...]