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2707, 2018

European Vocational Skills Week 2018: “Discover your Talent!

The registration of the events/activities for the European Vocational Skills Wee [...]

2507, 2018

EfVET Annual Conference 2018: fully booked

EfVET Annual Conference 2018 is closed for registrations due to the fact that mo [...]

1907, 2018

Promote WBL – Final Transnational Meeting, Birmingham

Promote Work-based learning (WBL) partners met in Birmingham on 17 & 18 July [...]

1807, 2018

Introducing VET_GPS in Vienna

The Lifelong Learning Platform Annual Conference took place at the crossroads th [...]

1707, 2018

Bringing soft-skills for adults to LLLP Conference

The Annual Conference of the Lifelong Learning Platform on “Lifelong Learning Cu [...]

1607, 2018

Higher Vocational Education and Training (HVET)

On 12 July, SHINE -  Italian partner Confindustria SIAV Veneto organised the fin [...]

507, 2018

Call for Candidates: President and Treasurer

The call for applications for Executive Team & Steering Committee is now ope [...]

407, 2018

Awards for VET Excellence

The third edition of the European Vocational Skills Week will take place from 5 [...]

207, 2018

Austrian Presidency: Education priorities

The Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union will start their si [...]

2906, 2018

Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship International Launch

The Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship International Launch & Multiplier [...]

2906, 2018

Tracking of VET graduates

The EU-funded project "Advancing Graduate Tracking and Alumni Relations in VET S [...]

2906, 2018

Discovering the secrets of Italian & French cusines

Imagine an innovative learning path allowing VET students and apprentices to dis [...]

2906, 2018

Professional Development Opportunities for VET Staff in Edinburgh

The Placement Factory is an international career development specialist offering [...]

2806, 2018

E-commerce project: PEAL

The PEAL project was born in the Spring 2016. It came from an idea, that Tradium [...]

2806, 2018

You Can Change Your World

The project You Can Change Your World – YCCYW, nº 2017-1-PT01-KA116-035506 was b [...]

2806, 2018

EURspace: A project to facilitate transparency in VET

One of the most difficult aspects when you manage mobility projects is to be sur [...]

2806, 2018

International Young Bakers Competition

ISMEK won the "Best New Country" award at the International Young Bakers Competi [...]

2706, 2018

Labour Market & Skills Information Systems for VET Policies

On 26th June EfVET attended to CEDEFOP seminar focused on Big Data and Artificia [...]

2606, 2018

EfVET Italian National Board meeting

On Wednesday, 20 June, EfVET Italian National Board meeting took place in Rome. [...]

2606, 2018

Italian Members get involved in EAfA

On 21-22 of June the EAfA (European Alliance for Apprenticeships) conference: Ap [...]

2606, 2018

Apprenticeship Alliances for SMEs

Apprenticeship Alliances for SMEs (RAISE) Erasmus+ project final event took plac [...]

2006, 2018

Final Conference for LifeOnLine

On 12 June LifeOnline -LifeOnLine Developing life and employability competences [...]

2006, 2018

27th Annual Conference 2018 open for registrations

EfVET is pleased to announce that the registration for its 27th Annual Conferenc [...]

1906, 2018

The LikeHome Portal

The Like Home Project management meeting took place at the department of Psychol [...]