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2201, 2020

SAAM working TOGETHER to improve VET mobilities partnerships EU-Africa

The European Commission selects the SAAM project (Supporting Alliance for Africa [...]

1001, 2020

Croatian EU Presidency “Strengthening competitiveness and skills through lifelong learning”

Croatia has taken over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for t [...]

1212, 2019

European organisations join forces to preparing individuals and communities for the opportunities and threats of the gig economy

“Gig.” You’ve probably heard it mentioned in different contexts. Gigging was ori [...]

312, 2019

VET on the Moon at Job&Orienta Italian job fair

On 29 November, the European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Tra [...]

2811, 2019

From a rookie to an expert – International paths for VET staff

From 20th to 22nd of November the partners of the REX VET project met in Bilbao [...]

2811, 2019

A bridge between Cometa and Belarus based on Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship as a mindset and as part of the learners’ curricula is clearly [...]

2811, 2019

BET4VET Mobility 2019

From 20th to 21st November 2019 an important celebration for European mobility t [...]

2811, 2019

E-commerce for VET students

The PEAL project was born in Spring 2016. It came from an idea, that Tradium Bus [...]

2811, 2019

Realising Integration through Social Enterprise

The Erasmus + funded project "RISE - Realising Integration through Social Enterp [...]

2811, 2019

Collaborative Robots: Incobotics

The INCOBOTICS project has been launched!. The INCOBOTICS: Ready for Industry 5. [...]

2811, 2019

Return on Investment of Work Based Learning and Apprenticeship

The outputs of the ROI project are ready to be used!  ROI project promotes open [...]

2811, 2019

Kick-off meeting of the INTENT project in Cologne (Germany)

The INTENT project is an Erasmus+ funded project coordinated by the Department o [...]

2811, 2019

Cooking with alternative proteins

The goal of the Suscop project is to raise awareness about the impact of our eat [...]

2811, 2019

Improving work safety

WorkSafe project "An online manual that aims to improve work safety for learners [...]

2811, 2019


Two years ago, Esprominho was hosting the first Transnational meeting of the Era [...]

2711, 2019

Dementia: Respect and Respite project

The D-CARE - Dementia: Respect and Respite kick-off meeting took place in Perugi [...]

2711, 2019

Talent of the future trainees’ professional skills development

On Tuesday 26 November, the final conference of the VET_GPS - Guiding tools for [...]

1911, 2019

VET on the moon: Excellence, Inclusion and Internationalisation of VET event

The European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET) an [...]

1911, 2019

Kari Puumalainen re-elected national representative of Finland

On Friday, 11 November 2019, EfVET Finnish national board re-elected, unanimousl [...]

1211, 2019

Joint staff training in Køge Business College

On November 2019, the partners of the "Schools 4.0 - Innovation in Vocational Ed [...]

2210, 2019

Kick-off of EfVET Conference on “Robots, Human Capital and Digital Learning. Managing Transition and Inclusion”

The 28th EfVET Annual Conference on ‘Robots, Human Capital and Digital Learning. [...]

1510, 2019

Kick-off meeting of Fit 4.0 project: new technologies into VET educational system

The Fit 4.0 kick-off meeting took place in Reggio Emilia on the 8th and the 9th [...]

1110, 2019

Contributing to regional development by skills redesign in the automotive sector

Press Release: DRIVES’ Workshop on “Contributing to regional development by skil [...]

710, 2019

Cedefop and OECD symposium: The next steps for apprenticeship

The external factors that had an impact on apprenticeship and the relevant desig [...]