EfVET has been successful in establishing itself as a key stakeholder in education and training in Brussels. EfVET is invited to all the key events/working groups/members events/conference in the area of vocational training and is regularly asked to contribute and consult. All the outcomes and reports are always made available to all members through the EfVET newsletter and the EfVET web site.

EfVET is engaged in the EU policies on formal and non-formal vocational education training and cooperates with European Union Institutions and many international and national NGO’s. From 2016 to 2020, EfVET is presented in ET2020 working groups on VET

Over the years, EfVET has established good contact with European Commission especially with DG- EMPL (Employment Social Affairs and Inclusion), the unit for VET, Apprenticeships and Adult Learning.

In addition to the meetings with policymakers, EfVET tries to be present at other meetings/seminars and receives invitations to conferences, which they are all, opportunities to present EfVET’s points of view. EfVET President, Vice-President, and Steering Committee Team were invited to participate and/or do presentations in thematic working groups, conferences and meetings.

Download our POLICY items

You can download here our policy statements and read them carefully. Don’t hesitate to come back to us for any definition or comment!

Rethinking Education
Frankfurt Declaration
4 VET Association
Climate Pact
Green Skills
Renewable Energy
Teaching in VET